How to Respond when Caught in a Shooting Incident

What to Do When Caught in an Active Shooter Situation

An active shooter situation is something that cannot be predicted easily. You usually have only one to five minutes warning of time before the shooter starts rocking and rolling with his guns. What’s important, however, is that you know how to react properly and safely.

Your first instinct, of course, should be to dial emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, for help. However, that’s not the proper first action to take, if you want to survive the shooting incident.

First, you need to get away as far as possible from the shooter. Always be aware of emergency exits in any buildings that you visit. Once the shooting starts, one of those exits is your best bet for survival. Escape through these exits and, once outside, you can dial 911, and seek out help.

If you are far from an emergency exit but quite close to the path of the shooter, find a location where you can barricade yourself and hide. Keep out of sight of the gunman, and silence anything that can make noise to further avoid his attention. If you’re already on a call to 911, keep your voice down and the phone silent.

Be sure to call a medical transport service in Orange Park, Florida, as soon as you can in addition to the police. There are certainly victims who will need medical attention from gunshot wounds.

Don’t do any heroics. Unless you’re cornered, your best chance of survival is to hide out the entire ordeal until police can sort out the situation, and an ambulance service in Atlanta can render medical assistance.

In case of emergency, AmeriPro EMS stands ready to provide medical transportation in Georgia in the event of shooting incidents, a natural disaster, and a serious highway accident, among others.

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