Active Shooter Response Plans for Your Safety

5 Pointers for Your Active Shooter Response Plan

A lot of shooting incidents have happened over the past years. It is important for your organization to be ready when such an incident happens in your own workplace. Here are 5 pointers to remember related to your active shooter response plan.

  1. Establishing the evacuation routesYou need to have specific routes that your employees can follow in case of a shooting incident. Take the layout of the entire office or establishment into consideration. The employees should know which routes they should go for.At the same time, they should also know where they should meet up with other employees or team leaders. There must be a clear location as to where you and your employees can meet up after the incident, especially when there is a need for medical transportation in Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. Accounting for your employeesAll employees must be accounted for, both those who are in the evacuation centers or meet up locations as well as those who may be trapped inside the building. You must have a system in place on how to account for your employees’ whereabouts, their conditions and which emergency medical services in Georgia they may need.
  3. Addressing the mediaIn a matter of minutes, the shooting incident that your company is involved in can be all over the news, locally or even nationally. It is but natural for the public to worry about the safety of those involved as well as their own.The media should be addressed promptly to avoid causing panic in the public. Focus the message on the efforts and steps that the company is taking to resolve the situation.
  4. Reuniting employees with their respective familiesOne of the people who would really be worried upon hearing the news of such an incident would be your employees’ families. Make sure that you have a plan in place as to how you can help reunite your employees with their family members, especially those who may have been directly involved with the incident.An ambulance service in Atlanta may have to be ready in extreme scenarios. You or your team leaders should know how to handle these situations.
  5. Restoring normal operationsOnce every employee has been accounted for and danger is no longer imminent, restoring normal operations will be a priority. Address the media again about steps taken as well as other procedures necessary for such restoration to proceed and to be completed.

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