Understanding Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine: An Overview

What is community paramedicine?

Community paramedicine is a relatively new, evolving program in the healthcare industry. It allows healthcare professionals specializing in emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia to assist with public, primary, and preventive services. Its goal is to enhance access to care while helping underserved populations in the community.

How does one become a community paramedic?

As first responders, community paramedics receive special training that allows them to focus on managing a patient’s immediate emergency medical condition. This requires additional education and training, which is divided into two phases. The topics discussed in class include the social determinants of health, as well as tailored classes discussing chronic diseases and effective strategies for disease prevention.

What are its benefits to the community?

A community paramedicine program in coordination with medical transportation in Georgia, can significantly lower 911 transportation requests for non-urgent patients. Moreover, it also aids in chronic disease management and injury prevention. Home services may be provided to ensure medication compliance and to conduct medical services, such as blood pressure assessment.

Due to its numerous benefits, community paramedicine can potentially provide comprehensive out-of-hospital care to patients. More than that, it also has the potential for greater job satisfaction as it provides the opportunity to build relationships with patients and monitor improvements in their health.

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