Understanding Critical Care Transport and Its Services

Critical Care Transport: Patient, Team, Agency

When patients’ medical needs are far greater than the available resources, they need to be transported to other places that meet their needs. Patients in critical care conditions need medical transportation in Georgia that can facilitate and maintain the critical and urgent care that they require.

Critical care transport staff must have advanced and specialized knowledge and experience to provide the quality of critical care that the patient needs. As providers of emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, they should also have the diagnostic and interventional capabilities as well as equipment and therapeutics to be able to care for their patients while on transport.

The critical care team must possess the right decision-making skills in the assessment and support of complex patient conditions such as active or potential organ failure. They should also be able to prevent further deterioration of patient conditions in events like emergency transport in Jacksonville, Florida to Atlanta.

Providers of critical care transport must be certified and capable of providing specialized care. They must have oversight systems to ensure patient safety during transport as well as valid and proper license and credentials required by the state.

AmeriPro Health offers medical transportation and ambulance service in Atlanta as well as Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program (CCEMTP) with certified Critical Care Teams that can provide quality care during inter-facility critical care transport. Their health care teams are skilled, trained, and experienced healthcare professionals who can give their utmost professional care to the patient.

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