Quick and Efficient Disaster Response

Quick and Efficient Disaster Response

Whenever disaster strikes, may it be a naturally occurring physical phenomenon, a man-made disaster, or a hybrid disaster, which is a combination of both, it certainly leaves enormous damage to the society and affects hundreds to thousands of people. Although some of them are predictable, others are usually not. That is why our emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, is always on standby to respond when disasters occur.

It is our belief here at AmeriPro Health to improve the quality of life by providing efficient and quick response time. By doing so, we increase the chance of survival for those individuals affected or hit by disasters. Our well-trained and highly skilled drivers who maneuver our brand new wheeled coach ambulance service in Atlanta ensure a high-speed yet safe transportation of all patients. Moreover, our professional paramedic team who underwent rigorous paramedic training performs emergency medical care to stabilize patients before they arrive at receiving medical facilities.

Aside from reducing the impact caused by disasters through the provision of medical transportation in Georgia, we also offer consultation on emergency management and disaster planning. We value the importance of preparedness, that is why we work with various individuals and sectors to discuss, develop, and review topics and initiatives related to emergency preparedness, homeland security, and business continuity requirements. It is always better to be prepared by having concrete plans on how to face and handle disasters and calamities.

Whether you need consultation on disaster management or inquiries on our medical transportation services, our emergency transport in Jacksonville, Florida, is only a call away. Contact us at 844-277-6367/855-277-6367 or visit our website for more details.

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