Why the Triple-K Compliance Matters

Why the Triple-K Compliance Matters

Excellence in medical transportation in Georgia, like in all fields, comes after following set standards and exceeding them. We at AmeriPro Health are proud of our institution’s compliance with the Triple-K specification as outlined in the General Service Administration document called the KKK-A1822.

The Triple-K document outlines the minimum requirements for providing ambulances for emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, and the United States. All ambulances that comply with the specifications as stipulated ensure that patients who use them will receive the minimum standard of care. Of course, this is in as far as the equipment in the ambulance is concerned.

The Triple-K document not only requires a high standard of care, but it also sets down the minimum requirements of transporting patients, such as speed, acceleration, and many other aspects concerning a reliable ambulance service in Atlanta. Emergency Medical Services providers that use compliant vehicles can use the Star of Life symbol in their EMS ambulances.

While many EMS providers claim to have their clients’ best interests in mind, actions speak louder than words. Only providers with Triple-K compliant ambulances care enough to provide the best possible emergency transport in Jacksonville, Florida, and Atlanta. Customers do not have to settle for anything less.

We are proud of our compliance with the Triple-K Specifications and many more standards expected from a service provider like us. If you want to know more about how we ensure that our clients get only the best possible service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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