Learn What to Expect from Paramedic Training


Paramedics are pre-hospital service providers that provide emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia. They are skilled and licensed professionals that handle emergency situations and provide advanced life support to patients before they arrive at the hospital. Paramedic training often builds on EMT education and teaches skills that like EKG interpretation, emergency care, advanced airway management, and similar.

If you are interested in medical transportation in Georgia and becoming a paramedic, here’s what you can expect from training:

  • Training Requirements
    Each training provider will have different requirements but in general, you will need an EMT certification and proof of CPR certification. Most paramedic training programs also require certain immunizations, a driver’s license, health insurance, and a criminal background check. Most training programs will interview candidates beforehand as well.
  • Training Timeline
    Upon admission to a training program, you can expect a period of around 6 to 18 months in training. The training timeline includes clinical, didactic, and field internship sections. The didactic section will entail attending lectures that are delivered by experienced paramedics.

Depending on your chosen program, you will need to accumulate around 600 to 1,200 clinical hours spend between sites like the behavioral or psych unit, pediatric ED, or emergency department. Meanwhile, the field internship will entail working in the ambulance service in Atlanta with paramedic preceptors.

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