Things to do Before the Ambulance Arrives


If there is an emergency, whether a stranger or a loved one was harmed, always call for emergency transport in Jacksonville, Florida.

Make sure to have the numbers of other emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia just in case the 911 hotline is busy and can’t get to you right away. Yes, this can happen if there are multiple emergencies happening at one time.

Let’s say that something bad has happened and now you need an ambulance. After reaching medical transportation in Georgia, you have a few things to do to help the victim and the emergency response team:

  • Make sure that your house number is clearly marked and visible. Have someone wait outside to wave in the ambulance once it’s spotted nearby.
  • List down all current medications. Yes, even vitamin and herbal supplements that your loved one is taking and their last dose.
  • If it’s a stranger, recall what happened, what they were doing, etc. before the accident or emergency happened. Be as specific as possible.
  • If the patient is still responsive, ask if they need to take any medication or if they have it on them. Ask if they need you to call anyone on their phone.
  • When the ambulance arrives, step aside and let them take over. Cramping up the space makes it harder for the response team to administer first aid.

We hope these tips prove to be helpful in the future. If you’re ever in need of ambulance service in Atlanta, give AmeriPro Health a call at 844-277-6367 for Florida or 855-277-6367 for Georgia.

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