Interesting Things About Paramedic Training

Discover Interesting Facts About Paramedic Training

As providers of first-response emergency medical services in Atlanta, Georgia, paramedic training is necessary to qualify for the role. Working as a paramedic is a highly rewarding career as well, with an average pay of $34,300 per year and a projected growth rate of up to 7% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To qualify for paramedic training, students need to accomplish their high school diploma along with several other requirements. To learn more, AmeriPro EMS, a leading provider of medical transportation in Georgia, will share interesting facts about paramedic training below.

To work as a paramedic, you must complete several stages of training after earning your high school diploma. This includes a certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and completing an EMT-basic program. The latter provides training for dealing with emergency medical situations, which involves classroom discussions and in-field training providing ambulance service in Atlanta. Additionally, students are also required to complete paramedic coursework and a national NREMT paramedic certification.

Despite common belief, paramedics actually have less autonomy in comparison with other jobs in the field, such as registered nurses. Paramedics are often managed by freestanding protocols and are required to make real-time decisions based on their training and clinical practice. As a result, it can be a challenging career path that requires a high level of critical thinking.

Moreover, mandatory recertification is required every two years to keep pace with new practices and medications. So, if you’re planning on working as a paramedic, be prepared for a lifetime of learning to provide medical transport service in Orange Park, Florida.

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